Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Billy Brown Falls

We went to Billy Brown Falls today. We weren't quite sure if we would find it but we did easily after an ambling drive up Judd's Creek road. I had a look online last night to find out directions and came across a site with a few photos of the little wooden sign that indicates the start of the track. As I mentioned in my last post, Billy Brown Falls is in the West Wellington area of Southern Tasmania and there are forest coupes in this area scheduled for logging in the future. Some logging has already occurred and I read that Billy Brown Falls is actually in a contingency coupe! This means it is a back up coupe, which really shouldn't surprise me, considering the native forest we are losing everyday, but after walking there today I still can't believe special forests like this are smashed to the ground for meager dollars...

 Anusha saw two Wedge-tailed Eagles take flight from this magnificent gum tree.

 I didn't know Tree ferns grew this tall until we came to Tasmania.
 I was in awe of this stunning tree.

 Aahhh, food and shelter,
 and very much appreciated warmth!

 The falls were rushing and roaring, full of water.
 My beautiful boy and I, stopping for a rest on the return walk.
 And here with my gorgeous little girl.
Anusha and I walked the last stretch together, with Scott and Elki up ahead.

Today was the first of our recent walks that we have had rain. Anusha was not in the best spirits on the way to the falls and I have to say the rain didn't help much....but after we reached the falls and she got some food in her belly and warmed by the little fire Scott made for us she was much happier. Then on the return walk she was fantastic and we had a lovely time climbing back up the hill and then together we almost ran and slid down the other side. Poor Elki though got quite wet, and was a bit miserable on the way back until his dad cheered him up with the thought of hot chocolate and warm toasted sandwiches by the fire when we got home. We talked about, and decided, that we really do need to be very prepared for our bushwalks, especially when we go on longer full day walks, and in places where the weather can dramatically turn and become nasty. Elki and I both need new rain-jackets and gum boots, and next week we plan on getting a good day pack, ground sheet or small portable shelter for when we arrive at our destination, a first aid kit, and a couple of those space blankets. 
With all that said, it was a really beautiful and magical walk, and we will definitely return there again. Elki made the most gorgeous comment on the walk in, as we were walking amongst the amazing giant Tree ferns and moss covered trees, he said, "I feel magic in this forest," and I couldn't agree with him more! The energy in the rainforest is so vibrant and alive and the children are often pointing out fairy homes and gathering places. I can't think of a better way to spend the day with my beautiful family....